We are a group of design mavericks, best in the fields of UX Research, Branding, UX/UI Design and MVP

At Up we understand the urgency of being perceptive about the future. We are commited to creating newer and better design guidelines. Approaches that push the envelope and help your brand stand out for all the right reasons.

We believe that good design is powerful, hardwork is essential and exploring the unknown is important. The secret is- imagination partnered with continuous hustle.

Aniket Tapre
Founder & CEO

Our journey


62 Projects

UX/UI | Branding | MVP | Augmented Teams | Product Design

With more than 60+ projects delivered, we have begun the year with more dynamic work, disruptive designs and of course, happy clients. Up Studio now has a cleaner, simpler logo- whether interpreted is as an arrow, or a cursor or even just a shape, it boldy states that the only direction we’re headed is the way up! Currently we have an experienced team of 25 minds at work who help to deliver only the very best quality of work.


45 Projects

UX/UI | Branding | MVP | Augmented Teams

New challenges, new members and new ideas. Hyfen had a sleek new Up-grade and that’s how Up Studio was born!

2020 brought its own challenges with the pandemic that altered the course of life for many. But making the most of technology and remote working, we were never ‘locked down’. Instead, we had quite a busy year, working on 30+ projects; Up Studio managed to carve a niche for itself.


13 Projects

UX/UI | Branding | MVP

With a strong foothold in UI/UX and Branding and a good amount of projects every month, we understood ourselves and the market better. At this point we realised that it is time to broaden our wingspan and venture into the concept of MVP: Minimal Viable Product.


7 Projects

UX/UI | Branding

Growing stronger and better with every project and problem, we started to make a mark in the UI/UX world. With additional projects came additional responsibilities which we loved since our Hyfen family was growing with it.


3 Projects

UX/UI | Branding

The Hyfen family got the ball rolling with only 3 members. Working over 3 different projects consisting of UI/UX and branding, we held ourselves to a certain standard that our clients loved.

Our design sensibilities are always on point

We believe that design should not just have a problem solving ability and for that, we have set up 4 step design process that helps provide the best possible solution to our partners






Logos shaped


MVPs built


Screens designed

Countless cups of
coffee consumed


Pure UX consulted


Websites coded


lllustrations crafted

Tools & platforms